View Full Version : Cursor flickering issue on safari and embedded PDF viewer

der richter
Nov 28, 2012, 09:17 AM
i have an issue with safari's embedded PDF viewer. nearly every time when i open a PDF with safari and i move my mouse over the window, the cursor begins to flicker.

the same thing occurs when taking a screenshot with CMD+Shift+4 and moving the cursor.

weird thing, half of the time it doesn't happen.

a detailed explanation can be found here (http://www.openradar.me/12240182). the issue occurs with the example PDF linked there.

i use Mac OSX Mountain Lion 10.8.2 with Safari 6.0.2.

anyone knows a solution?

Nov 28, 2012, 11:08 AM
I get the same.

Have had it since one of the 10.8 updates - not sure if 10.8.0, 10.8.1 or 10.8.2

I see it mostly in MS Office 2011 and Entourage - first thinking it was a MS Office issue. But I also see it in Safari and several other progs.

I'm also seeing that the mouse pointer doesn't always change to appropriate pointer shapes when moving around various prog screens etc.