View Full Version : Garageband midi problems.

Nov 28, 2012, 11:18 PM
Strange problem.

First the spec.

MacBook Pro 15 inch.
Mountains Lion OSX
Fast Track C400 audio interface
Novation Impulse 61 Keyboard
Most current Garageband version.

When starting garageband, whether a new project or existing, at the beginning midi plays fine. Midi input indicator shows activity, sound plays through speakers, sound levels are shown in the meters. After about 30 seconds sound cuts off. Midi indicator still shows proper activity upon keyboard presses. Also at this point no levels are shown in the meters. All other sounds work fine (other programs and what not). If I change the software instrument, from say grand piano to organ, sound starts up again for 30 seconds or so, then cuts off again. And this can go on indefinitely as long as a new instrument is changed. Same thing when creating a new track.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance