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Nov 30, 2012, 05:16 PM

Iím a long-time reader of macrumors and I have grown to appreciate your specific brand of reporting and endorsing when it comes to the recommendations and reviews that your blog/forum features.

Itís because of the very nature of your blog that I feel that you would agree with me when it comes to GlamFit Magazine. GlamFit Magazine is a free fitness/fashion lifestyle magazine that is only available for download onto iPads directly from the Apple News Stand App. You can search for the magazine through your itunes or you can check it out by clicking on the following link:


Itís fully multimedia with video segments as well as links to relevant content. They feature different celebrities and authorities from the fashion and fitness fields every month.

The best part is that itís entirely free with no intrusive ads, something that everyone can appreciate in this tough socio-economic clime.

Thanks for your time and please, keep up the good work!