View Full Version : The 10.0.1 .pkg

Apr 16, 2001, 10:22 PM
Stepwise provides (http://www.stepwise.com/Articles/Technical/2001-
04-11.02.html) a small
description of what's included in the OS X 10.0.1... Of
note, however, they provide this tidbit:

You can intercept the download, so you'll have a
copy of the pkg for looking at. When the actual install is
in progress, open Terminal.app and look in the /tmp
directory. There will be a numbered directory (your user
number in the great Unix scheme of things). Looking in
that directory you should find a package called
10.0.1.pkg. This is the package that contains the
majority of updates to 10.0.

Useful if you'd like your own copy of the updater.