View Full Version : can apple mail sync folders across computers for multiple email accounts?

Dec 6, 2012, 04:53 AM
I just started working for a small company that works across 5 computers. my boss has a veryyy complicated system of organizing emails from our clients in folders. most of the computers were running on OSX 10.6 or earlier until last week.

Each computer would get "updated" every few days or so with an external harddrive that copied the individual email files and folders onto the computers. We are using several email accounts, using a POP server.

now, our main computer has been updated to mountain lion. we can't even find the local folder with the emails to continue the same system.

I thought maybe icloud would be the solution, but I seem to only find information about syncing @me accounts or the new icloud email that you have to set up.

any help for how to solve this issue of needing to sync mail folders across multiple computers, using icloud or manually copying them would be great.

(we are in the process of setting up a new system completely, but were hoping to continue with our old system until the new contract works out.)

thank you very much.

Dec 6, 2012, 05:02 AM
We are using several email accounts, using a POP server.

And here I would start the change. Change to external hosting and IMAP. There you can organize your folders centrally and don't need to care about with complicated sync. It's much simpler. Finally iCloud and Google working similar.

Oh, and welcome to MacRumors

Dec 6, 2012, 05:08 AM
Thanks for the welcome!

I've been pushing for a change but you know how some people get set in their ways...

What exactly do you mean by change to external hosting and how do we go about switching to IMAP? I looked into switching to IMAP but people told me that is something you want a tech support person to handle (of which we have zero on staff)

Dec 6, 2012, 05:21 AM
I use a hosting services for my private email and web page ... They offer email via IMAP with my own domain names. Within that domain I can create quite many mail boxes and aliases.

This way I have one email address only for Amazon; per rules all emails with amazon commercials get copied into the Amazon folder. And for other services different folder. This way I can reduce the manual sorting quite a bit.

Plus I have access from my iPhone, iPad, iMac, web, ... I don't need to maintain the server myself.

The setup in the client side is similar easy as for POP; different server names and ports. Details depend on he company you would use as host.

But you could just try with Google as a pilot. Enter "google IMAP" in Google; they show you how to setup their service. Once you tried that you show your boss how easy that is.