View Full Version : LaCie's Private-Public vs TrueCrypt

Dec 7, 2012, 11:07 AM
Wasn't sure where to post this as none of the categories seem to fit quite right.

According to LaCie's website it is not possible to use their Private-Public program (file encryption software) while having TrueCrypt installed (because they use the same drivers).

I've used TrueCrypt on everything for years, but would not be adverse to switching to LaCie's Private-Public if there is some sort of advantage. From what I can tell, LaCie's PP is a bit more elegant of a solution, and simpler to use, but is it too restricted in its functionality? For example, I read somewhere that it cannot be used to encrypt and entire drive, but can only create simple volumes within the drive, is this true?

Anyone with experience in using both of these programs would could give me some insight when comparing the two?