View Full Version : Time Machine, something is wrong...

Dec 12, 2012, 10:07 PM
... very wrong. For quite sometime now, I've had no issues w/ Time Machine, ever. Not now.
I got a warning that time machine could not backup, seemingly out of the blue, that was too large etc. (sorry don't recall exactly). I deselected soem large items not for backup, but the warnings of failed backup kept coming.

After reading at http://pondini.org I finally just erased my TM external drive and started all over. It backed up, but then the next back up TM started wigging out again... so I then followed the trashing of the temp backup item. Took forever to empty the trash but it did. Rebacked up again w/ TIme machine...

... it is now going on 4 hours of saying "5 seconds left" in the backup as the original said backing up like 998 GB(after trashing the temp backup), now it says "backing up: 1.83 TB of 2.01 TB
Both numbers keep growing. I read somehwere someone fingering that it was icloud (not a fan) doing weird things to volume size and TM losing its mind. I have no idea... all I know is clearly something is wrong. Help! Thanks.

OS 10.8.2, TM on 2 TB 800 FW external drive

Mac Pro (2010) Westmere 3.46 GHz(OWC upgrade), 24 GB RAM, Mac OS X (108.2), Dual displays: LaCie 730,Eizo CG241W,Wacom Intuos4