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Dec 13, 2012, 05:54 AM
Pen & Ink is a beautiful notebook and sketchbook with simulated watercolor, pen, and pencil, suitable for creators of all kinds. A photo-library style interface provides drag-and-drop notebook reorganization. The 5 brushes and 2 erasers respond dynamically to user's motion, creating intricate textures and colors with only a handful of configurable options.

Pen & Ink is available for free download, with unlimited notebooks and pages, all export modes, full use of the pen and eraser, and limited use of the remaining 5 brushes. An In-App Purchase for $4.99 unlocks size and color options for all brushes and enables zoom. The app is available worldwide in 8 languages.

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Pen & Ink offers unlimited levels of undo/redo, image tracing from camera or photo library, pinch-to-zoom functionality, and a full-screen editing mode with no visible menus. Individual images or entire notebooks can be exported to email, photo library, Dropbox, Facebook, and Twitter, or sent to other image or PDF editing apps. The photo-library style gallery interface allows easy reorganization of pages, including duplicating pages, moving pages to different notebooks, and rearranging pages within a notebook. Users can personalize notebook covers and change pages' background images. The digital ink is best-of-breed, with vivid watercolor, textured colored pencil, and elegant pen, all at Retina display resolution.

Jan 30, 2013, 07:51 AM
Version 2.1 is now live on the app store; it brings a custom color picker, 3 additional predesigned palettes, 3 new watercolor background papers, and a variety of performance enhancements. Try it free: