View Full Version : [iPad Mini] Full body protection

Dec 28, 2012, 04:05 PM
There are a few threads about this yet I have not managed to find an answer. Maybe it's because some of the similar threads deals with screen protectors exclusively and not full body protectors.

I am looking for a full body protector (front and back) which does not have an orange peel to it and which is not matte. Itís for the iPad Mini.

I would prefer that the protector is shipped from Europe so that I avoid huge tax and customs billings but I guess that I must also accept that most protectors are shipped from the U.S.

Also, I would like that the protector is not expensive. Due to the larger surface (compared with the iPhone) iPad covers tends to get a bit pricey.

Can anyone recommend a good (and inexpensive) front and back cover which is more or less invisible when applied and which feels as the surface of the iPad Mini?