View Full Version : Transferring over details from iPod to iPod??

Dec 30, 2012, 03:23 PM
Asked elsewhere with no response, so trying here also....

Have an iPod Nano 4th gen. Got an iPod classic for Xmas.

Moving tracks is a doddle - i could just re-rip them all.

What i want to do though is move all the data too (such as the number of times each track has been played). The tracks aren't in my iTunes library - they're just on the iPod Nano.

So how do i shift from the Nano to the Classic - including all the data?

How do you even get in touch (via email) with Apple Support?


I'm looking to contact them over this, but all i find is FAQs which don't answer my problem. So i look for an email address or link to email Apple & there's nothing. I just go round in circles on that site.