View Full Version : MBA (2012 or 11) for Lightroom and FCP?

Dec 31, 2012, 09:03 AM
I'm pretty much resigned to not buying a rMBP for the time being. Any big change with an Apple product I like to wait at least 2 product iterations. That said, the Air is finally getting really awesome press. Ok, the battery doesn't last forever, but I could always grab an external battery for those extra few hours.

For tasks, I do a lot of lightroom work. I may also get back into doing stuff with FCP next year. Geekbench scores on the Air are very good -- much better than many of the MBPs from last year and 2010. I hugely agree with the trend with the rMBP, though: ditch the disc drive, add the SSD, basically remove stuff people don't typically use anymore. That said, I love the Air for this reason.

So, (sorry, long-winded!) how could the new MBA be as a performer on Lightroom, Photoshop, and FCP (I use a very nice external monitor for all my work anyway)? I'm not talking rendering 45 mins videos here btw..If I ever get to that, I'd probably buy an iMac. Also, with a Retina Air possibly around the corner, would I be wise to wait till 2013?

Thanks for reading!