View Full Version : Is ther an app like this? (Tasks with week view)

macbook yes
Jan 2, 2013, 09:23 PM
I'm a university student and I currently have a paper planner, but it trying to use my ipad instead, so that I always have my assignments with me. The planner I have has a full week across a 2 page spread, and instead of hours, the whole page just had a check list all the way down with a column for speech day.

Is there an ipad app like this? Like the calendar app but with just tasks instead of hours?

The only task apps I have found will show either one day at a time or a month that you have to click on each day to see. I get my syllabi at the beginning of the semester and I want to be able to put in every day at the beginning and view it similar to the built in calendar app. Thanks.