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Jan 14, 2013, 12:59 AM

I want to create a little testing environment, so I got a spare ASA 5505 and allready have my MacBook Pro with Mountain Lion on it. The ASA is correctly configured(I used it at a customer until the new one arrived)

I have VirtualBox installed with various servers and 2 clients, and want to work with separate Vlans to get this testing environment as real as possible(i still have much to learn - right now i focus on OpenLDAP and ASA ACL's)

on the Mac:
The Vlan Tags are working - i get the correct DHCP IP Address on the Mac(on the Vlans where its configured)
ip_forwaring is activated

I could select the bridged Vlans for each network interface.
When i start a Virtual Windows Client he gets the correct IP Address and can reach the mac but not the ASA (ipconfig /renew wont work). Also when i start a Virtual Client which is in the ADMIN Vlan and have all rights i can ping the Mac but not the ASA.

"1642","1424.381718000","CadmusCo_b1:96:ee","Broadcast","ARP","42","Who has Tell"
http://s14.postimage.org/x1ol9zbd9/Screen_Shot_2013_01_14_at_1_34_44_PM.jpg (http://postimage.org/image/x1ol9zbd9/)

Any advice how i can get Vlans on VirtualBox working so i can make use of ASA access-list would be nice.
I think there is a problem on the MAC so he wont forward the traffic.

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