View Full Version : Switch Decsion Made, but which one to buy ?

Dec 5, 2002, 02:10 PM
Hey everyone!

Well I finally made the decision to switch. Now I am contemplating getting the newly upgraded Powerbook or waiting for the i-mac to get an upgrade. I am considering these 2 I hate to admit it, but for their beatiful style. There is simply nothing like either one of these in the Windows world. I don't exactly need the portability of a laptop, but I love them. I am typing this on Sony Vaio. One question is if I get the Powerbook who makes the best docking station for it?

Programs I intend to use: Light Photoshop and Quark and some light adio recording and editing using Reason and a few other programs.

Any advice greatly appreciated!


Dec 5, 2002, 02:38 PM
Why do you think you would need or want a dockingstation? They powerbook includes all necessary ports built in, and its quite easy to attach a keyboard, mouse, and monitor to make it feel like a desktop computer.

If you've got the $$, buy a powerbook now. Make sure it has the 64mb video card (I'm pretty sure the lowest model doesn't).

The only reason you shouldn't get hte powerbook is if the cost is an issue. In that case, the iMac is great. The current 17" model would be fine.

No matter what, fill either one up with at least 512mb of ram and get the biggest hard drive possible. You'll kick yourself for getting anything but the largest hard drive later.

Dec 5, 2002, 02:40 PM
Nice choice w/ the powerbook. If your a gamer, i strongly suggest the 1GHz model for its 64 megs of VRAM. If ye don't need to burn data or video dvds, get the custom combo drive model. As for a good dock, here's a very nice one for DVI powerbooks. (http://www.bookendzdocks.com/bookendz/g4tspec.htm)

Dec 5, 2002, 04:59 PM
Thanks for your help guys!

I think I am going to get the new 1Gz model recently released, even though I don't play any games. I may or may get the DVDR, as of right now I have no plans of burning DVDs, although it would be nice to do a backup on one disk.

I am so excited about switching over to Macs. I have always admired and respected MACs, but I was stuck in a WIndows trap. Time to get out!

Thanks again!


ps: 6 inches of snow here today in NJ :)

Dec 5, 2002, 05:55 PM
good choice with the Tibook there, if you didnt have the money for it though the iMac would have been a great choice, I have one and it's the machine I switched with. They are pretty powerful now though so I'm not sure why you would think you'd have to wait for an update before purchasing.
on a side note, you could buy the highest iMac for two grand and the lowest iBook for $999 and it would have costed the same as the powerbook you got :)

Good luck with your new mac, hope you never go back.....

Dec 6, 2002, 07:12 PM
I just got approved for the Apple loan, but still a little undecided between Powerbook and i-Mac. I played with them both today at Compusa and I wish I had them both, but I must choose only one. The thing that keeps drawing me back to the i-mac is the big widescreen. Of course I am sure either one will be great!

Dec 6, 2002, 08:33 PM
Decision Made: Powerbook :)

PS: Still love the imac though

Thanks for the help Mac Nuts!