View Full Version : Anyone want a copy of Jaguar (OS X.2)

Dec 5, 2002, 04:22 PM
Okay here's the thing, and please don't flame me. My Mom got a copy of OS 10.2 for free. We installed it on her 400 MHz G3 PowerBook (the original one with the 6 GB drive). She didn't like it. She wanted to go back to 9.2, so we did. Now I still have a PC (:( ) so I can't use it. I had a couple of Apples, but they were older, and they couldn't have used OS X anyway.

After I move (next month, :D finally) I will be buying a new Mac, so it will have the latest version installed already. Other friends and family have Macs, but they're either stuck on 9, or have already upgraded. So I have these full install CDs, that I can't do anything with.

I considered doing the eBay thing, but since they're open (and technically used), and they say NOT FOR RESALE, I'm thinking... no. Probably not a good idea. So I've got this perfectly good, fully registerable software, ready to use. And nobody wants it. So I can probably give it to one of you nice people to install. Nice of me, huh?

I don't really need any software, but I'm willing to trade it for something. If it makes it legal, I also have an old Mac SE/30 and HP LaserWriter I'd like to get rid of. The SE seems to work, but the screen doesn't always come on (I think my friend used an external monitor). And the HP (connected through a serial cable) worked the last time I tried it on a beige Mac.

So... any takers? It's not warez or anything like that, so I'm hoping I don't get banned or, you know, arrested or what ever :rolleyes:. I just have a bunch of stuff I can't use that I'm trying to get rid of before the move in January. And I thought maybe someone out there wants it.

Post, e-mail, or PM me. I'll be around.


Dec 5, 2002, 06:46 PM
I've got some older software too if anyone wants it. Like PhotoShop 3 on floppies.