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Jan 23, 2013, 09:08 AM
Gau's Adventure in Hawaii For Kids! It is free to download
Gau Family Studio releases Gau Adventure in Hawaii, a children’s game application for Ipad 2 and Ipad 3. Gau Adventure in Hawaii offers a fresh and smart approach in children’s entertainment: a learning experience and a way to meet new friends. The game is specifically designed to teach effectively basic vocabulary like colors through simple conversation and word recognition to children.

Gau Adventure in Hawaii has a further pedagogic approach as little moral stories are implemented throughout the game. The adventures are guided and instructed by a recorded voice. Fun music go along the game, and there is a unique « Hello song » specifically composed for this game. Gau Adventure in Hawaii is much more than a game for children.

Gau Adventure in Hawaii is also suitable for children who learn English as a second language. Subtitles are available to help comprehension and to teach English in a fun way.

Gau Adventure in Hawaii with Dupa, Bupa and Kayla, three little bears from outerspace who accidentally arrived on planet Earth, is an adventurous game. As they travel our planet, they meet new friends, discover countries and learn to accept new cultures. Their adventure is also the adventure of the children playing to this game, as they will discover our planet through the experiences of Dupa, Bupa and Kayla. The variety of games from dressing game, finding hidden objects to solving puzzles enriches the experience of the child.

The children have 6 stages to play throughout the map of Hawaii. At the end, when all of these stages are achieved, there is a bonus game and a certification of completion with a letter from Dupa, Bupa and Kayla in reward.

Free trial and in-app purchase is $1.99: https://itunes.apple.com/vn/app/id579537491?mt=8&partnerId=0.

For more information, please visit : www.gausadventure.com.

Jan 24, 2013, 12:36 AM
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