View Full Version : Replacing an Audio CD transport and Tuner with a Mac Mini

Feb 12, 2013, 02:45 AM
Hi All,

My audio CD Transport has finally said goodbye so now I'm wondering if instead of getting another, should I just attach a Superdrive to a Mini and use it that way.

Does anyone here use their Mini or another Mac as a CD transport to output digital into a outboard DAC and what are your impressions? Is it as good as a dedicated transport?

The second question is apart from an Elgato Hybrid that I use as an FM tuner, is there any other FM Tuner options that I can use on a Mac? My 3rd Elgato Hybrid fried itself and haven't gotten round to replacing it. It's time to replace it but not sure what users would recommend beside the Elgato.

Any input and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.