View Full Version : Graphics/Logic Board issue?

Mar 1, 2013, 03:04 AM
I need a diagnosis. The Apple store is far from my area, so I need to know if it's the logic board or not.

Do you think the issue is related to the logic board? This appears every once in a while.

Screenshots appear fine, built in diagnostics says it's fine, external monitor works perfectly.

Mar 1, 2013, 03:13 AM
When the black thing is removed, though, these two lines stay permanently.

Mar 1, 2013, 01:14 PM
Hold on a minute...

How is anyone here supposed to know?

Brian Y
Mar 1, 2013, 03:47 PM
If it was a graphics card issue, a screenshot will normally display the artifacting, and the external display will suffer the same problem.

It's the LCD :)