View Full Version : powermac g3 blue and white with g4 450 for ibook

Dec 10, 2002, 05:38 PM
hi, im in the need for a portable computer and am looking into getting rid of my blue and white powermac, the specs are as follows:

g4 450mhz processor (with the right cooling could get to 500mhz)
256mb of ram (can be 384 if ya like)
40 gigabyte western digital 5400 rpm hard drive
stock CD rom drive
stock Zip drive (100mb i believe)
100mhz system bus
16mb pci ati rage pro 128 video card
3 64bit pci card slots
mouse and keyboard

the case is in great shape minus a little scuff on the bottem front handle, but its barely noticeable and that part goes on the desk anyways

anyways im looking to if anyone wants to trade this in for an ibook 600 or 700mhz with the ati radeon card, the main thing i find i want is portability, if anyone is interested please email me at mills2444@spymac.com or instant message me at millertyme59 on aim or ichat.