View Full Version : zCover review (nano/clear)

Oct 17, 2005, 07:43 PM
They informed me it would come in 5-10 days

My cover came 2 days ago, picked it up 2day,i think that means it came in 9 days. I immediately applied the cover to my nano,it took about 5 minutes to assemle (1 minute cleaning nano,2 minutes figuring out how to apply the screen cover :p ,1 minute putting the nano in the cover, and 1 minute finally applying the screen protector).You have to insert the nano from the bottom part of the iPod.

After finally assembling everything,the 1st thing i did was see if the clik wheel protector affected the click wheel itself.It did, very little though,it made it a little harder to use the click wheel, but nothing too crazy.

The cover doesnt affect the 'look' of the nano AT ALL, makes it about 1/2 wider at both sides, but who cares?

The grip on the cover is good.Put it on a dashboard in a moving car and it wont move.

Overall... its OK, you get a little bit of dust/hair in the cover in a while, i can tell... but you can easily clean the cover again and REAPPLY EVERYTHING AGAIN :eek:

If your looking for temporary protection til better covers come out = 10 / 10
If your looking for permanent protection = 8.1 / 10


* Ask questions if you need more info *