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Mar 12, 2013, 06:35 AM
I have the new MacBook Air 2012. But will it work with the 23-inch Apple Cinema Display if I get a Mini Displayport adaptor?

Mar 12, 2013, 06:36 AM
Yes, it will work like any other display with a DVI port.
Just get the appropriate MDP to DVI adapter from Apple or Monoprice.

Mini DisplayPort (MDP) (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mini_DisplayPort) / Thunderbolt (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thunderbolt_(interface))
Mini DisplayPort is the current digital standard on all current Macs to transfer video to an external display or TV. It has been introduced in 10/2008 with the release of the Unibody MacBook and MacBook Pros and has gradually been adopted on all other Macs.
MDP is capable of transmitting video, and since 2010, audio too. MDP is a miniaturised version of DisplayPort. It is also license free and can support resolutions of up to 2560 x 1600, which Mini DVI and Micro DVI are not able to do.
Since 2011, all Macs come with a Thunderbolt port, which is meant for fast data transfer and also as means to connect to an external display device to mirror or extend the Mac's screen.
To learn more about Thunderbolt (TB) and its compatibility with Mini DisplayPort (MDP): Introducing Thunderbolt (http://www.apple.com/thunderbolt/)
MDP adapters and cables can be bought online from:
Apple Online Store (http://store.apple.com/us) (or the physical Apple Store)

MDP to VGA adapter (http://store.apple.com/us/product/MB572Z/A?fnode=MTY1NDA5OQ&mco=MTA4MzU1NDg)
MDP to DVI adapter (http://store.apple.com/us/product/MB570Z/A?fnode=MTY1NDA5OQ&mco=MTA4MzU1NTE)
MDP to Dual-Link-DVI adapter (http://store.apple.com/us/product/MB571Z/A?fnode=MTY1NDA5OQ&mco=MTA4MzU1ODY)
Moshi Mini DP to HDMI Adapter with Audio Support adapter (http://store.apple.com/us/product/H1824ZM/A)

Monoprice (http://www.monoprice.com/)

Mini DisplayPort + USB to Dual-Link DVI adapter (http://www.monoprice.com/products/product.asp?c_id=104&cp_id=10428&cs_id=1042802&p_id=6904&seq=1&format=2)
Mini DisplayPort to DVI adapter (http://www.monoprice.com/products/product.asp?c_id=104&cp_id=10428&cs_id=1042802&p_id=5106&seq=1&format=2)
Mini DisplayPort to VGA adapter (http://www.monoprice.com/products/product.asp?c_id=104&cp_id=10428&cs_id=1042802&p_id=5107&seq=1&format=2)
Mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapter (http://www.monoprice.com/products/product.asp?c_id=104&cp_id=10428&cs_id=1042802&p_id=5311&seq=1&format=2)
Mini Displayport Male and USB Male/Toslink Audio to HDMI Female Converting adapter (http://www.monoprice.com/products/product.asp?c_id=104&cp_id=10428&cs_id=1042802&p_id=6331&seq=1&format=2)
Mini Displayport Male and USB Male Audio to HDMI Female Converting adapter (http://www.monoprice.com/products/product.asp?c_id=104&cp_id=10428&cs_id=1042802&p_id=5969&seq=1&format=2) - *NOTE* Will only support 2 channel stereo. Will not support 5.1 Dolby Surround like the above adapter.

Mini DisplayPort to Mini DisplayPort cables (http://www.monoprice.com/products/subdepartment.asp?c_id=102&cp_id=10246&cs_id=1024602)
Mini DisplayPort to VGA cables (http://www.monoprice.com/products/subdepartment.asp?c_id=102&cp_id=10246&cs_id=1024605)
Mini DisplayPort to DVI cables (http://www.monoprice.com/products/subdepartment.asp?c_id=102&cp_id=10246&cs_id=1024604)
Mini DisplayPort to HDMI cables (http://www.monoprice.com/products/subdepartment.asp?c_id=102&cp_id=10246&cs_id=1024603)
Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort cables (http://www.monoprice.com/products/subdepartment.asp?c_id=102&cp_id=10246&cs_id=1024606)

Also of interest: "What is "Mini DisplayPort"? Is it an industry-standard? How is it different from or better than Mini-DVI and Micro-DVI? (http://www.everymac.com/systems/apple/macbook/macbook-unibody-faq/what-is-mini-displayport-different-from-dvi.html)"

Mar 12, 2013, 06:55 AM
Thanks a lot. Have just read about some people having issues with the old cinema displays and newer macs.

Mar 12, 2013, 09:36 AM
I have the exact same setup both at home and in the office.

The MBA 2012 works flawlessly with the 23" cinema display.