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Dec 11, 2002, 10:24 PM
i have recieved a used mac with no monitor. how do i go about connecting the performa 6116cd to a vga monitor. what is the exact name or spec of the video connector on the back of the performa 6116cd? thanks for any help

Dec 11, 2002, 10:37 PM
your gonna need that apple connector to vga. last tiem i checked at my store apple is the only one that makes them. you can probably find on ebay. I highly doubt you will find one at a local apple store. now you will probably find it a an independent apple store but not apples retail stores. if all else fails we have them on the shelves here, we could arrange a shipping. but im sure you wont have to result to that.


Dec 11, 2002, 10:43 PM
You can get teh converters from all over the web. Their not particularly cheap for what they look like, but if you need them, they can be found. Try www.macmall.com or www.microwarehouse.com for them.


Dec 12, 2002, 11:50 AM
thanks you two for responding so quickly. i know i can buy the part at a compusa maybe or an independant but while finding these stores are relatively simple in NY i still dont know what exactly to ask for by name. i hate going to the store and looking stupid because i dont know even the name of the part or its model number. you know? Maybe one of yall has this info. i'm a pc tech but being also a musician i have heard how much better a mac is for multimedia. the pc's in the house are all built for extreme gaming and performance so i wanted to "convert". how does the mac stand up in the gaming world and video card locale?thanks again.

Dec 12, 2002, 01:59 PM
as far as gaming and multimedia go, you're not going to get bleeding edge performance out of that machine. i have one of those exact models myself and it's one hell of a workhorse, but keep in mind that it's about 7-8 years old and has a 60mhz processor with no built in video card. you can get an "apple HPV" card to drive larger resolution monitors and add some cache chips (available from www.outerworldcomputing.com) to increase performance a little bit, but other than being a good jukebox and running some older games, it's not going to compare to high end pcs (i hope that you did not pay more than about $20 for the machine).

it will run all of the games in bungie's classic pack or whatever they call it (abuse, marathon 1,2, and infinity), the origional escape velocity, the origional tomb raider, stuff like that (the extra cache and video card will increase performance a lot for these games).

while i've actually done video and audio editing on the machine, no recent media programs will run, you'll have to find old copies of avid videoshop 3 and stuff like that (and it will be slow).

it's a very cool machine and can do an amazing amount of stuff considering its age as well as being surprisingly upgradeable, but for the money you'd spend to max out it's upgrade options, you could probably buy a refurbished imac.

this site has every bit of info you could ever want on the 61xx line of machines (including info on connecting vga monitors) http://www.kan.org/6100/

Dec 12, 2002, 02:29 PM
One is the adapter from the weird connector used by the first batch of power macs, to the standard 15-pin (DB15S) video connector used by macs; then a second adapter from that to VGA (HDB15S). The first adapter is fairly scarce; they cost about $30 new; the second type is very common and sells for about $10 to $20 new. Look for used ones.

I think the names for them would be:
PowerMac Video Adapter
Mac VGA Video Adapter

The Mac VGA adapter sometimes has switches on it, and setting them can be a pain.

Look to see if you have an adapter (riser card) giving you a NuBus slot. If so, you can put a NuBus video card in it and skip the first adapter. NuBus video cards are like $3 used.

And when you look inside the machine, if you have the riser card, it may have a card in it with a 486 chip on it to run Windows programs. They were fairly common.

This machine can run every version of Mac OS up to 9.2.2.;)

Dec 12, 2002, 03:44 PM
thanks for the help and continue to post to help me. i really appreciate. its as though mac people r in a different class. i went on a 3 hour runaround today to get what i needed only to find that the piece i needed was being used by the repair shop. i'm looking in the machine right now and i see a card slot, but i'll have to download a manual for the machine to figure it all out.