View Full Version : Best bet podcasting equipment?

Mar 26, 2013, 03:01 PM
I am planning to start a podcast where I interview one or two persons each time around a table in different locations (no permanent studio rather in guests environment) and I need advice on what gear to get and use.
What I have now is:
Macbook air with garageband
Zoom H4n
1pcs Behringer C1 xlr
1pcs Rode lav mic

Would it be easiest to record directly to garageband by getting usb mic?
I thought of getting a Blue Snowball or Yeti mic.

Would it be sufficient with one omnidirectional mic like the Yeti or do i need more?

All advices on podcast setups appreciated.

Mar 27, 2013, 12:37 AM
The rule is to get the microphone as physically close to the sound as you possibly can. An omni mic would be a poor choose in an uncontrolled environment because it would pick up the sound of a passing truck or airplane or whatever just as well as the voices you want. You want a directional mic that is aimed right at the speaker. The best is a hand mic that is two inches from the speaker's face. But if that looks bad on the screen then use a lav mic clipped to their shirt.

The news guys use the directional hand microphone for a reason. It rejects sound that are not 2 inches directly in front.

If the mic is not close it will pick up reflected sound off the walls and what not. A lot depends on the "look" you want. If you absolutely can't have a mic on screen then hire a sound guy to hold a boom but for most interviews a lav mic does not look bad, just hide the wire under the clothing

If this is audio-only then it gets easy. Each speaker get his own mic that is boom mounted and with a pop-screen and he speaks directly into the mic