View Full Version : Image Capture lost iPhone pictures

Apr 6, 2013, 06:01 AM
Hi, I always use Image Capture to import my iPhone 4 pictures because I like to store the pictures in chronological folders on external storage. I tried iPhoto before and I hated it. I couldn't be able to find the physical pictures on the drive and that makes it less trustworthy for me. I'm sure I didn't use it properly but as I said I hated it from the start so no motivation at all to try to use it well.

Yesterday I imported the pictures to my images folder on the HD and then deleted the pictures manually from the iPhone. A little later I noticed 129 pictures were lost. This never happened before. Don't know what exactly happened but is there a way to retrieve the lost pictures? In the recycle bin?

I've already tried the private/tmp folder. There are some folders with plugins, some launch folders and an md log. nothing else.

I've already verified the HD and repaired the permissions.

What to do now?