View Full Version : presentation and asking for help to set up some powermacs

Apr 6, 2013, 02:48 PM
Hello, first of all introduce my self. Im from Spain and for few years ago i bought an ibook g4 1,2... following a friends advice, i was looking to retire my old mac and go for a new x68 mac...

and was then when i discovered few blogs like powerpcliberation and just discover the real capabilities of the "old" powerpc macs, so instead buy a new mac i expend some money in a powermac quicksilver. and now after test it for a few weeks and upgrade some parts, i have bought last week another 2 quicksilver and a dual GigaEthernet.

Nowadays in my place i have remove my main x86 pc, and go only with powerpc and i would like to share with you my future plan and setup to get your advices.

- the gibabite ethernet would be the server and stay 24/7 with mail, photos, music, torrents tec.. this machine will be operated with remote desktop from other computers.
- one 933 Quicksilver would be the photo editing, music stream and internet browser, with dual boot on leopard and linux (lubuntu)
- my loved ibook will stay with me when i am out of home the weekends.

dont know what uses give to the others quicksilvers, perhaps keep them for spares, but its a pity cause they are fully functional.

your advices about this setup are really welcome, thanks.