View Full Version : can someone please talk to me about networking and file sharing?

Apr 25, 2013, 01:51 PM
ok this is the scene; i live in university halls of residence, my internet comes in a single ethernet socket on the wall which i have connected a linksys router to. my router is set up as a wireless access point with dhcp disabled as per the agreement with my "isp" and my devices get ip addresses from them rather than my router.
i have a macbook pro and macbook air on my network in my room.

regularly peoples itunes libraries regularly show up in my sidebar so obviously we're all on one big network rather than individual ones.

is there a way that i can enable file sharing so only my 2 laptops can share with each other? if i turn it on but only enable a single shared folder all my files show up in finder on the other laptop so im confused.

any help?