View Full Version : White Screen & Chime, Over N' Over - 2011 Macbook Air - A1369

May 7, 2013, 09:21 AM
I offered to repair this computer for a family member who had spilled a cup of tea on it; she turned it off right away but unfortunately took it to apple-care techs that booted it up!

1) I tried cleaning it to no avail and realized the motherboard needed to be replaced, so I put in a new one.

2) It booted up but the numbers on the keyboard needed to replaced so I put it a whole new bottom panel.

3) Everything seemed to work perfectly except the wifi, I opened it up again and noticed a small tear in the antenna cable. I purchased a new cable and tested it out without dissecting the mba again and it worked. So I took it apart once again, separated the lcd from the bottom panel and took it apart to put in the camera connection and new antenna assembly. I was very careful and it seemed as though everything was smooth sailing.

IT WASN'T: When I boot the computer a white screen (no apple) comes up with the start-up chime, a brief pause and then the same thing, over and over... I tried all of the different key combinations recommended online and I've also tried booting from the external CD drive with no success...

Can someone please help me out??? :confused: