View Full Version : Wanted: scrapbooking app for iPad

Sister Owl
May 12, 2013, 04:07 PM
Hi everyone! I'm searching for a good app for scrapbooking. I want to be able to:
- create good-looking albums with any number of pages
- have large amount free tools (notes, stickies, frames, backgrounds, etc.) at my disposal
- add audio and video to my albums
- create a backup of my albums in iTunes or/and iCloud
- create my albums without being disturbed with ads

So far I like ScrapPad – it's very nice, but I cannot add video or audio to albums in it. Also I look at Skrappy, it seems to have all functionality in the world, but I don't like its tool libraries, so far resulting album pages I saw did not impress me as having particularly stunning notes or stickies, ScrapPad seems to be able to produce far better books.

So— is there something beautiful and functional that I missed? Thanks!