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May 17, 2013, 07:51 AM
Fair seas and a tail wind!

Embark on a round-the-world trip on your own ship, visit the best holiday resorts in the world, unravel the puzzle of the lost liner, and build your own cruise empire!

Experience a sea of spirited emotions with "Dream Cruise (http://ad.apps.fm/YDr4ZP8Ydi5HgUnS8-9ATxM8G1T_LUvoWYXredpuoYDDkDrOyjOOLw7ie4KRsl2Opqe2Bwca2vKbpM_ueF_KjiUrWOiYqSp-PL9HsLM-whxKiDb8NrOUlewnSrFsfmPc)"! Decorate your ship, open new luxury shops, attract crowds of customers, and even celebrities! Earn your millions and buy an airplane!


Dream Cruise (http://ad.apps.fm/YDr4ZP8Ydi5HgUnS8-9ATxM8G1T_LUvoWYXredpuoYDDkDrOyjOOLw7ie4KRsl2Opqe2Bwca2vKbpM_ueF_KjiUrWOiYqSp-PL9HsLM-whxKiDb8NrOUlewnSrFsfmPc) combines a rich plotline and reactive gameplay with a new approach to business simulation. Unlike other simulators, you must constantly manage their own yacht using arcade-like approach; there’s no need to wait for an upgrade or new facility to finish building in order to progress through the game.

Key Features:
★ Your own ship in your own hands - Make it the best cruise liner ever!
★ Exciting cruises - Sail the seas and visit world-famous holiday resorts!
★ Good vibrations - Make yourself and your passengers happy – your liner has everything you need to make it happen!
★ Dozens of shops for any taste: Arrange them at your discretion; monitor customer demand; fill the shop windows - and it won't take long until you line your pockets!
★ Exciting adventure - Follow the hints provided by your crew to unravel the puzzle of the lost mega-liner belonging to your millionaire uncle!
★ Cool kit. A pretty assistant, a wise captain, and a rough bosun will make you trip unforgettable!





Go off on a "Dream Cruise" and have incredible adventures:

http://iamvegend.com/images/app%20store.png (http://ad.apps.fm/YDr4ZP8Ydi5HgUnS8-9ATxM8G1T_LUvoWYXredpuoYDDkDrOyjOOLw7ie4KRsl2Opqe2Bwca2vKbpM_ueF_KjiUrWOiYqSp-PL9HsLM-whxKiDb8NrOUlewnSrFsfmPc)