View Full Version : Old Session Videos in iTunesU not downloadable (403)

May 22, 2013, 11:27 AM
Hey guys,

I want to get into programming with Core Audio but there is not much information out the web except Apples documentation and the developer videos on itunesU

I found many things I want to watch there, some of them I have been able to download mostly newer ones, older ones like Session in the 100 range I always get error 403 when trying to download them.

I dont know where I can get information to learn this stuff when apples videos are not working?!

I tried many different things to bypass it (different apple IDs, different machines..) but always get error 403 which basicly means I dont have permission?

Anyone solved this?

Also submitted a bug, got a answer yesterday which said they fixed it but still cant download it.

There was another post on macrumors with a similar problem, a few days later the guy downloaded the stuff, but I am waiting for 4 weeks now.

Mostly interested in things like session 164 Input and Output but I am not able to download it.

Thanks I really need help :)