View Full Version : less ram?

luna crescent
Oct 31, 2005, 07:10 PM
As you guys have all heard, my school has a laptop program. For my year, they gave us 900 mhz g3 with 384 mb ram which was top of the line three years ago.

Over the past few weeks my computer has been breaking down with hard drive failures or logic board failures.This last repair took three tries for apple to fix my computer. Apple actually offered for a new free replacement computer and I said yes (duh!). But off course, my school owned the laptop and they said no for some odd particular reason. But that is besides the point.

My actual point is: When I got my computer back from apple and booted it up, it started up very slowly (slower than usual). As usual I did software updates first, including the new OS 10.4.3 just released today. I restarted my comp and noticed again my computer was very sluggish (waiting bubbles were very frequent when doing simple multitaksing). Then I checked if my operating system updated and it did. However, the thing that suprised me was the ram count shown below the version of the operating system. It said 128 mb of ram and I was like "no wonder my computer is so slow". How can tiger even run with 128 mb ram? Unless my computer is lying, it should show 384 mb ram which my computer came with.

luna crescent
Nov 1, 2005, 01:00 AM
Any reasons why Apple took away 256 mb of ram or why my computer is lying to me? I think it is probably the former not the latter cause my computer is so sluggish.