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May 30, 2013, 11:23 AM
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In Rodger Dodger players face off against Rodger Tuffguy, the school bully and town hooligan who's up to his old tricks. Rodger has broken into the clubhouse and stolen everyone's favourite belongings.


Darla's drum, Clarence's trumpet and Charlie's ukulele are only some of the things that are missing. This time Rodger's gone too far, it's time to face your fears and stand up to him once and for all.

Dodge Rodger's arsenal of projectiles and reclaim what is rightfully yours. Recover the stolen possessions by completing Rodger's challenges and collecting the items that have been dropped along the way.

— More than 35 challenges with increasing difficulty
— Over a dozen different projectiles to dodge
— Action packed gameplay
— Unique game type; the “Endless Dodger”


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Happy Dodging!