View Full Version : Anyone had any luck with decently watching Flash content online?

Jun 6, 2013, 05:44 AM
The main satellite television company in New Zealand has an area on their site where you can watch live TV. Only problem is, they stream in flash, which is obviously a no-go for iOS devices.

I would love to watch live sports / movies in bed on my iPad, instead of having to sit at the computer / TV. I've just tried Teamviewer app, which streamed video at less than perfect frame rates, and the Puffin Browser which couldn't stream the flash video at all.

The only other popular option that I'm aware of is Splashtop 2, but I'm hesitating purchasing this as it costs $10 and may not even stream flash video satisfactory.

Anyone tried Splashtop 2 and stream video from it? Any other options out there for me?