View Full Version : ATV3 Frame Stutter and Dual iTunes Account Query

Jun 6, 2013, 08:20 AM
I've just switched my living room ATV1 to an ATV3 so I can get access to Netflix and 1080p playback.

Overall it's ok though I hate the fact you have to go to Computers to view your own content - much preferred the ATV1 udi where My Movies were under Movies and My Music was under Music etc etc


2 problems and wondering if anyone knows a way around it?

1) I have 2 iTunes accounts - UK and USA. Since I'm UK based the iMac and all the iOS devices have the UK account set up on them. The iMac that had the HD with all movies/content etc is also set up with iTunes on the UK account.

The ATV1 used to have the USA account set up on it - had it this way historically as the US is often cheaper for movie purchases and also I had an ipad from the US before it came out in the UK etc etc....

Anyway - the ATV1 dealt with this no problem. You'd buy a movie on the ATV1 with the US account and it would play on any iOS device or the iMac.

However, now, on the ATV3 - it says it won't play the USA purchased content.

So, I thought I'd set the ATV3 up with the US account - nope - due to ATV2/3 using home sharing etc. the ATV3 and the iMac streaming the content have to have the same Apple ID to work.

Does anyone know a way around this? Otherwise all my US purchased content is going to (Somehow) be ripped without the DRM so it will play - real pain in the ass since I own the damn content in the first place.

PRoblem 2

Stuttering - I've noticed a lot of my previous rips (owned DVD's - ripped using standard Apple TV preset on Handbrake) now stutter like a frame is missing every second. Can't say I ever noticed that on the old ATV....but... I have changed TV to a full HD 1080p Panasonic plasma too on the same day - so not sure.

I 'think' it maybe something to do with the difference between pal/ntsc type thing? Anyone know anything about this? Don't want to have to re-rip 500+ movies!!!

Finally - last question - Handbrake ATV3 preset - any good - how does it handle SD dvd's?

Thanks in advance