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Nov 2, 2005, 03:07 PM
So I am really not sure what is going on with my new 5G iPod. After I got it I formatted it (PC) and loaded it up with my library on my pc and everything worked perfectly.

Last week however I got a powerbook and transferred my library over to it. I also edited a significant number of tracks adding more photos and deleting duplicates. Overall the library probably grew from 25Gigs to 28Gigs.

However now when I click on a song I hear the song start for say two seconds and then the iPod freezes for another 3 seconds loads the picture and restarts the song.

Has anyone seen this?

It is really annoying especially if I forget and try and change the volume or song or whatever because my actions are delayed by a few seconds. Could it be changing the formatting? Adding more pictures? It is sluggish beyond what could possibly be normal - I have even seen it freeze changing screens (like going up from teh current playing song).

I can try and put it back on my pc and see if that fixes it... but this all seems a little fishy to me.


Nov 2, 2005, 03:10 PM
Known issue. Uncheck the thing that loads album art in it. Sync. Check it on again, sync, and itunes will make the album art more ipod friendly. :cool:

Nov 2, 2005, 03:14 PM
Wow really? How freaking odd. Thanks so much though.

Yeay! So glad it wasnt the mac formatting!

Nov 2, 2005, 03:18 PM
interesting. Maybe You have an answer for this:

on my gf's iPod (20gb color) iTunes "readies" photos from her photo directory EVERY time she syncs. Mine only did that the first time I added the photo directory. It sucks when she adds a couple photos to that directory, and iTunes has to prepare the other 1100 again, which as you know takes forever. Any ideas?

Nov 2, 2005, 03:32 PM
After hearing this a few times it made me wonder if I should buy a 5G now or wait. I know it's a small problem that is easily fixed but I should wait a month or so to see if Apple seems to fix this or any other problems people have been complaining about.

Nov 3, 2005, 06:32 PM
Known issue. Uncheck the thing that loads album art in it. Sync. Check it on again, sync, and itunes will make the album art more ipod friendly. :cool:

I tried this and still see the problem. Could you direct me to the KB or original discussion which said it was a known issue? I can't find it here or on apples site.


Nov 3, 2005, 08:20 PM
nm. I was being an idiot.

Dec 15, 2005, 08:42 AM
I tried this and still see the problem.

Sorry to revive an old thread, but I have the exact same problem. It all began for me when I reformatted my new iPod Video 60 GB to PC format on a Windows PC and then used my Mac to transfer my library over to the iPod. Since then my iPod is extremely sluggish if I set iTunes on my Mac to transfer album art to the iPod.

If I use iTunes to remove the album art it is snappy and fast again, but when I set it to include the album art, it does go through a long phase of "optimizing album art for iPod" before transferring them onto my iPod. After that my iPod is still sluggish.

Next, I will try to remove my entire library and transfer it from a Windows PC instead to see if that solves it. If that is the case, there must be a bug somewhere in iTunes or the iPod which causes this problem when using iTunes for Mac OS X to transfer music with album art to a PC formatted iPod.

Anybody out there recognize this?

Dec 16, 2005, 10:46 AM
I can now confirm this.

Yesterday I brought my iPod home and did the same thing using my Windows XP PC instead of my Mac at work.

The optimizing of images for the iPod took almost an hour (on my Mac it took 10 minutes or less) and after transferring the album art images back to the iPod using iTunes for PC they work just fine and my iPod is fast, like it should be.

Pretty bad for Apple to have these differences in how iTunes works with Mac/PC formatted iPods using the "wrong" iTunes version.