View Full Version : iPhone 5 stuck on reboots after activation and restore

Jun 11, 2013, 03:00 PM
My iPhone 5 is stuck at the screen showing Apple icon with a bar below after it successfully finishes the "installing iOS7", "verifying with apple" and the "restoring iphone setting" steps.

At this point, iTunes tells me to "leave your iphone connected" but after rebooting, the iphone is stuck with an Apple icon and a bar that stops at the quarter-position. I even waited for more than half hour and the bar still hasn't moved yet.

iTunes shows the phone is connected the whole time but pressing "sync" just gets the spinning for a few minutes and then getting message "iTunes sync session cannot start"

I thought it was a problem from 6.12 jailbreak direct update, but updating from a clean 6.14 has the same problem too. I guess it's something in my 6.14 settings that's not agreeing with iOS7? I could update fine if I did "Set up new iPhone" but this happens if I restore from a 6.14 backup again.

Any ideas how to get iOS7 working with 6.14 backup?