View Full Version : Candy Crush screwed me!

Jun 12, 2013, 01:43 AM
So, I cheated and changed the year to get more lives. Big mistake! iOS is now outdated and cannot activate hahaha. :eek:

Jun 12, 2013, 01:44 AM
Yup, betas have expiration dates.

You changed the date, how is this Candy Crush's fault?

Jun 12, 2013, 01:53 AM
Yup, betas have expiration dates.

I know - Candy Crush got the best of me. it won't even let me restore. Ruh roh.


DFU restore hopefully will do the trick since their little antitheft feature won't let me do anything else. Argh.

Jun 12, 2013, 02:06 AM
Frankly I'm kind of inclined to suggest that it serves you right for supporting Candy Crush. It's not like the App Store is hurting for BeJeweled clones that DON'T spam you for money constantly.