View Full Version : iOS 7 phone app UI/cellular signal strength icon.

Jun 12, 2013, 03:38 AM
I like the simplicity of it, and they way it responds dynamically to the selected wallpaper, but I don't care for the use of circled number buttons. To me that seems a bit odd and inconsistent with most of the other apps/UI elements.

I think I would rather see the same simple design, but with outlined rounded square number buttons with very narrow empty spaces between them. This would seem more consistent with the UI of other iOS/app elements, yet still highlight their new visual style.

I feel the same way with the cellular signal icon in the top left. I'm not a fan of those circles. I would rather see a single rounded square with the actual current signal strength number of bars written as a single numerical digit (0-5) inside that rounded square, and it should become slightly brighter as the signal strength increases or slightly dimmer as the strength decreases.

I'm not a design professional.
These are just my own personal opinions.

What do you think?