View Full Version : iOS 7's design is a WORK in PROGRESS.

Jun 12, 2013, 09:34 PM
Keep that in mind. Consistency and the level of polish will both be overly perfected until the final release. The much controversial icon set will too change in terms of evenness, colors and gradients.

This is beta 1 (ONE) and the most drastic design change since iPhone OS 1. It is therefore natural that design will be the main focus in further development of the OS. As stated before in a MacRumors article, '' the design is "firmly a 'work in progress'", and the look and feel of the icons and other new UI bits are likely to change significantly as the iOS 7 beta proceeds. ''

Don't forget this: the final thing will be much more compelling and attractive than the current state of affairs.

You can trust .

Jun 12, 2013, 09:48 PM
Because a lot of people who are compaining about beta 1 of iOS:7 do no appear to have an understanding of what beta means, here is a definition:

Beta software refers to computer software that is undergoing testing and has not yet been officially released.

Source: http://www.techterms.com/definition/beta_software

Apple released the beta of iOS:7 to registered developers, not joe public.