View Full Version : Quartz Composer for dual video?

Jun 14, 2013, 07:49 AM

I have a need to run two videos, in sync (both exactly the same number of frames) across two monitors (one on the laptops main monitor, the second on a connected projector). Ideally I'd want a preset executable that I can launch and the videos will play, nice and simple as I have no set up time (this is for a presentation).

I was thinking Quartz would be best for this, but as my Mac has died and I have no access to one until 3 days before the gig (shipping time) I thought I'd get a head start on research.

Any thoughts?


Jun 14, 2013, 06:06 PM
You can start multiple videos simultaneously in Quicktime Player (7 or X). Just load up all the videos and press cmd-return.

Jun 23, 2013, 07:09 PM
Well, ytk seems to give the most simple and that fore stable solution. If you need anyway quartz composer (for example, a HD video of half an hour for 3 screens = 30gb won't run smoothly on QT, but does on QC, for it is the most powerful player that can be), is also simple.
You need, I think, as easiest solution two compositions with a billboard, drag the videos into the editor (so you have the player module with the right path immediately), and give both a trigger with the same keyboard key. That's it. In the gig put them both a fullscreen viewer and trigger them with the key. To make one comp taking both screens should be possible, but I don't know now how.