View Full Version : newbie question.- What can i use Apple TV for?

Jun 20, 2013, 01:56 AM
I like the idea of Apple TV, but have no idea if I would use it, or if it would become a door stop! This is my situation.

I am overseas, (Hungary) and have an iMac, MBP, 2 iPads and an iPhone. I currently watch local tv on eyetv but there are only 5 free channels.

If I get an Apple TV, what services can I use it for here? The idea of Netflix etc sounds good, but when I looked into it, they wouldn't stream here.

Then I saw today that sky news is free. Would that work here?

Finally, what other advantages would there be to getting it that I can use to convince the other half? We also have an AirPort Extreme if that makes a difference..

Many thanks for any suggestions.