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Jun 22, 2013, 09:30 PM
Hi all

When playing movies/TV Shows/podcasts, i often find during playback, the playback bar isn't always correct.

For example, if ive previously interruted a show, then "Resume" later on, it continues buffering where s left off, until you fast forwrad or rewind.

The playback jumps back to where the current position is, so it it basically looks like it "empties" the remaing buffer.

This, and the fact on the smee previous show, or content, and you "Start from beginning" it empties the cache, regardless of how much its previously downloaded.

Anyone know why this happens? You would think when its already buffered a large part, when you "Resume", fast forward, or rewind, it should stay buffered, not empty it and re-download from the current playback position. (which is what it's doing)