View Full Version : "Special" usecase? Will the MBA handle this?

Jun 25, 2013, 10:06 AM
Hey, i've been out here on the forums trying to find someone who might have at least almost the same use case like me.

Since there's a lot of photographers, writers, designers and so on, i feel a little left aside and stuck with 0 info.

I have an iMac 27" 12GB Ram 3.1GHz Quad i5 from 2011 and it performs quite well for my needs. (8300 points GeekBench 32 bit)
(might use this one as a monitor in the future)

i'd like to have a tiny thing that will serves me well, while laying / walking around mostly (avoiding back pain after a long work day 0o). I have an Ipad and its nice but when you really like to create/work its quite limited.

to cut a long story short:
I'd like to know if either of the 11"/13" > both maxed out will handle this:

IWork (often)
Creating PDF's (Adobe Reader, Abbyy Finereader OCR!, Scannersoftware) (Often)
maintaining huge iTunes Library (200gb) (very often, music only)
- Itunes
- SongGenie
- CoverScout
Scanning Images, resizing them, editing (no professional use) (often)
- Scannersoftware
- Preview
Renaming a bunch of files at the same time (seldom)
- Core Renamer
Iphoto (often)
Ebay selling software (seldom)
Genealogy software
Copying my original Blu Rays to my Nas (and keep them elsewhere, so they're safe)
- Therefore Parallels with Windows 7/8 (often, because of accurate CD copies for iTunes)
Plex (a lot XD)
Mindmapping Software (a lot)
Safari (24/7 XD)
Banking Software
Download software
Toast 11 !!
Time Machine of course
and other apps and little helpers, that i think might fly anyway on these machines :D

Most of those Apps will be used side by side and running simultaneously.
for example: (Safari, Itunes, Win7/8, Preview, Mail)

I need them maxed out firstly because i don't want to bite myself afterwards if i buy the lower processor (did that with the iMac)
And secondly i neeeeeed 512 at least for proggies, PDF's, Photos, Apps a.s.o
because this should my all my life on 1 machine, like my imac is now.

PS: should i wait for SSD prices to come down????

I would gladly appreciate your opinions and insights if you might have already tested some of this before mentioned Software :D

Thanks in advance


Jun 25, 2013, 10:13 AM
All of the things you mentioned require pretty trivial specs to accomplish. You won't have any problem with the Air.

Jun 25, 2013, 10:16 AM
All of the things you mentioned require pretty trivial specs to accomplish. You won't have any problem with the Air.

:eek: :D

Thank you :D. I mostly fear, win8 (prallels) and copying a blu ray over...may take some time... (no encoding whatsoever; new container like mkv okay but no trans/encoding)