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Jul 1, 2013, 08:11 AM
STAY - Music Edition

Everyone thinks at one time or another, that
'If I had been once more frank,
If I had acted once more enthusiastic,
If I had been once more brave,
then, possibly, it would have been completely different!'

An young coward man, who can't go forward,
standing at a crossroads of the options
What could be the sincere choice for this young coward?
And where do you think you are standing at?

The graphic novel, "STAY" will make you experience
the special visual-fun that you haven't seen ever before,
Feel the dignified direction and outstanding picture.
The most special graphic novel,
"STAY" is the work grasping the fun and art altogether.
"STAY-Music Edition" will be provided with 5min.
-long of amazing background music. Now,
your eyes, ears, and heart would be just filled with the exciting.

'Blue Wolf' always supports the young and outstanding artists.

STAY - Music Edition


Blue Wolf

Print Length
106 pages

Comics & Graphic Novels/ Romance


suspenseful ★★★★★
by wolcotthive - Jun 14, 2013
One of the better shocking novels I came across these past months. characters are well developed and the interaction is very believable. found it to be suspenseful and hard to put down and go to sleep.

enthralling novel ★★★★★
by comicaret - Jun 14, 2013
Found this graphic novel to be really enthralling. It easily snares readers with its very well plotted suspense. All in all, very well illustrated, with an exciting story. It was so enjoyable I gifted a copy to my girlfriend who's an illustrator and is currently abroad on a summer course.

good reading experience ★★★★★
by cat segrest - Jun 14, 2013
Stay was definitely a good experience. I was a bit hesitant about getting this because I am not into graphic novels, but I was pleasantly surprised at the lively plot that unfolded, filled with quality art in every illustrated page. Recommended.

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