View Full Version : Write4Postal Mail Handwritten Cards From Your iPad

Jul 9, 2013, 08:36 AM

Create and mail personalized thank you cards, custom cards, and notes with your own handwritten messages and photos from your iPad with Write4Postal app.

Write4Postal is the most customizable card maker app. Choose from card or note templates or a fully-customizable blank card, hand write your personal message in the color of your choice or design it with typed text with various font/size/color to choose from.

Key Features:

Quick and easy to use interface
Use never before seen card template collection
Letterpress printing for template cards
All template cards are printed on 110lb. paper
With sample card messages to draw inspiration from
You can add photos and adjust the size on your card/note
Delivered anywhere in the United States
Send your cards and notes via email or Facebook
Comes with card status tracking system

Write4Postal is FREE and it's available for download at the Apple App Store