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Jul 22, 2013, 08:19 PM

I'm having a strange problem when transferring images from my SD card to my MacBook Pro. I'm hoping someone can help!

When I transfer images from my SD card to a designated folder on my hard drive, random images will have completely wrong dates for "Date Modified". For example, pictures 1-10 will be correct, but picture 11 will have a date from the future (or even years ago), and then pictures 12-15 will be correct. This continues for all the pictures I transfer, randomly.

I first noticed the problem when I couldn't find recent pictures in Picasa (they were sorted in the wrong year). I thought it might be my camera's settings, but I double checked and the date is correct. After manually fixing the dates in Picasa (which took forever), I decided to look at my SD card again. My SD card files all have the correct dates, but somehow changed upon transferring.

On a whim, I tried to replace an incorrect file with the original file on my SD card and, thankfully, the date corrected itself in my MacBook folder. So, I've figured out a work around for my issue, but it continues to happen when I transfer pictures over from my SD card.

I'm new to Mountain Lion (previously used Snow Leopard for many years). While I never had this issue while using Snow Leopard, I'm not sure if it is related to Mountain Lion or not, which I'm hoping someone can help me with.

I've tried searching Google for an answer to this, but I cannot seem to find a post where someone had a similar issue. Does anyone know why this is happening and how to prevent it?

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Jul 27, 2013, 02:44 PM
Can anyone help with this issue?

Jul 27, 2013, 03:43 PM
I only found one other instance of this issue through Google: http://www.dpreview.com/forums/thread/3356019

It suggests that there is a bug with exFAT formatting and to try formatting your SD card as FAT32 instead and see if the date issue persists.

Also, there's a handy script that you can create and run on the images and it will extract the EXIF info and apply it to the file.

Good Luck.

Aug 1, 2013, 06:24 AM
Thank you for your help. This was the first time I used an SD card greater than 8 GB, so I'm guessing it is the same problem. I have no clue how to run a script though, oh well. At least I know it wasn't just me!

Aug 1, 2013, 10:40 AM
Instead of dragging the files from the SD Card directly to the Mac, have you tried importing your photos using the Image Capture application?