View Full Version : UNC Path variable

Jul 24, 2013, 08:15 AM
Hi i'm currently in the middle of setting up a golden triangle setup, everything works fine. When a user logins in to the mac using AD, it mounts their network home, as well as forces a local home for larger video editing projects. The problem is on mounting their home directory, its possible to see the entire path in finder and lists other users and year group entries etc although still not accessible due to AD permissions, I'd much rather it didnt show this path. I've managed to hide the path of one of the Windows public share using "mount_smbfs smb://SERVER/Shared/ ~/Public" this places the entire Shared folder into the users local public folder which does't show the path back to the server share. I want this same way of mounting for the user AD home too, but the problem is that the users home obviously changes between user, is there a variable to call the UNC path e.g. $UNC_PATH. so something along the lines of "mount_smbfs smb://SERVER/$UNC_PATH/ ~/Documents" Thanks in advance Joe