View Full Version : Airplay mirroring, can it be used on TV to "use" iMac normal day to day

Aug 1, 2013, 05:00 AM
I now have a new thin iMac and so have the option of airplay mirroring to my Apple TV on my HD 40" TV. I haven't managed to try it yet as Apple TV is currently upstairs.

Has anyone used it like this? Is it a viable option for day to day use for using my iMac, for example browsing, iPhoto etc? I have a Bluetooth Magic Mouse and keyboard and trackpad so as they would be within range of my iMac I take it I could use these on it?

What do people use airplay mirroring for? As above? Or is it just really to send video from iMac to Apple TV on a HD TV?


Che Castro
Aug 2, 2013, 12:37 AM
This is a good question , one thing I don't like about airplay is when I pause a video using the atv remote that's air playing from ipad to TV , after 40 seconds of pause it gets disconnected

I have to open the ipad and resend the video again

To answer your question I only tried mirroring from mac to Apple TV a few times for a few minutes, I don't know how it would work leaving it on 24/7 and using the Apple TV as the main screen and your imac in another room

But I'm sure someone here has been doing that and can help you