View Full Version : Streaming sports with MBA: any negatives?

Aug 6, 2013, 03:29 PM
I just purchased a base 13" MBA. I stream sports through my laptop to my TV as I don't have cable.

Using my Windows-based laptop, streaming sports for roughly 3 hours (often times longer during NFL Sundays) tended to make things a bit toasty. It never shut down but it just got hot.

I've considered selling my old laptop. Therefore, leaving the MBA as the only source to stream sports.

Long story short: do you think that this will cause the MBA to become too hot and/or not make it last as long? If it is in any way detrimental, I will keep my Windows-based laptop for the sole purpose of streaming sports.

Thanks and I apologize if this is a n00b question!

Aug 6, 2013, 03:40 PM
Really depends on what site and how the video is encoded. I've streamed PPV events before and the websites are doing so much stuff and using Flash that my laptop is pegged at 100% the whole time. But I can stream from Google Play without even breaking a sweat.

Having two computers comes in handy during times like this, I can still work on one machine and I don't have to worry about streaming making me reboot or crashing my browsers etc.