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Aug 9, 2013, 02:57 PM
I searched the forums and didn't see any answer to what I'm about to ask in the first page of topics so here it is.

I'm looking to replace my cable company dvr boxes with non-dvr boxes and will be doing this with a single eyetv. In reading a review of eyetv, I see that it can stream to an iPad. That got me to thinking about eliminating one of the cable boxes (we have three boxes in the house but only two people) and just have the eyetv stream to the iPad and from there use airplay to play on the TV. Can this be done? Not a big problem if it can't as all I ever watch in my bedroom is stuff I can get through the AppleTV anyway but it would be neat to have access to all the cable channels with one less cable box.


edit: Searching the Elgato web site, it looks like this is supported:


Aug 10, 2013, 08:24 AM
Yes that works, I just tried it on my iPad. Streams my recordings and live channels from EyeTV on my Mac to my iPad, then AirPlay to the AppleTV.

I wouldn't say the quality is outstanding...lots of artifacts and blurring here and there, and limited to stereo sound. So, it'll depend what your expectations are.

But yes, it works. I have the Elgato Turbo HD.264 USB stick, to help my Mac Mini with the on-the-fly encoding.

Hope that helps!